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Force IT Solutions Ltd is based in Liverpool, England, and supplies information and information systems products to law enforcement agencies.

Staff come from both a police and information systems background.

Our leading product is the Police Visual Handbook, a 5000 + page intranet site used daily by 1000's of operational police officers across the UK, offering guidance on operational, investigative, custody, diversity and lifestyle issues, leadership and soft skills.

Company registered in England: 3300110

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Our Customer Commitment

Our key customer service objectives are to:

  • ensure that all customer contact is met with the highest standards;
  • provide:
    • clear and efficient lines of communication;
    • accurate information about our services and to publicise our work to the widest possible audience;
  • be active in the promotion of customer and client feedback, listen and respond accordingly and monitor standards;
  • exceed customers' expectations and encourage repeat usage;
  • be an example within our field for excellent customer care.

Please feel free to contact us regarding matters about the service we provide.

Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently, courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made.  Any complaint will be investigated, and we will use it as a means to improve our standards of service.

If at any time you are not happy with the levels of service you experience from us, you can register your formal complaint by email or letter.  We request that your complaint is in writing so that there is no confusion surrounding the nature of the complaint.  All written complaints will be dealt with by the Managing Director or the person they feel can best respond to your concerns.  We will acknowledge all written complaints within 5 business days of receiving the email or letter, at which point your complaint will be investigated.  If you are not satisfied with the way in which your complaint has been dealt with, we have an appeal procedure which the Managing Director will activate at your request.  Any action taken that will affect members of staff as a result of a customer complaint will be conveyed to all concerned before a response is given to the customer.

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Our Public Commitment

  1. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking:
    • whilst we are not required to prepare or publish a modern slavery statement, we choose to do so.
  2. Climate Emergency:
  3. Staff Welfare and Well-Being:

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Our Modern Slavery Statement

This is a voluntarily statement setting out our approach to tackling modern slavery, and to afford a level of assurance to customers.

We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking. We recognise that slavery and human trafficking is a real yet hidden issue in our society. We will not tolerate slavery and human trafficking in our business or supply chain. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure that any form of slavery is not taking place within our business or supply chains.

Our Business

Based in Liverpool, England, Force IT Solutions Ltd are a service-led, niche supplier of information and information systems products to law enforcement agencies in England and Wales.

Our Processes

We operate processes to ensure that we are conducting our business in an ethical and transparent manner, including:

  • in recruitment, checking a personís eligibility to work in the UK to safeguard against human trafficking or individuals being forced to work against their will;
  • that team members know that they can raise concerns about how colleagues are treated, or practices within our business or supply chain, without fear of reprisal;
  • ensuring team members have their fundamental human rights respected and anyone we do business with upholds these principles.

Our Supply Chains

Our service supply chains are based throughout the world and include suppliers of utilities, telephones, email, website hosting and professional services, etc., and conduct due diligence prior to engagement.

Further Steps

We intend to take the following further steps to combat slavery and human trafficking:

  • risk assess new suppliers using the Global Slavery Index and have then certify that they have taken steps to eradicate modern slavery within their own organisation and supply chain;
  • incorporate anti-slavery and human trafficking obligations into procurement agreements on a risk assessed basis;
  • include appropriate measures in our due diligence processes for sourcing suppliers on a risk assessed basis;
  • ensure team members have a high level understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking.

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Our Climate Emergency Declaration

Declaring a climate emergency means:

  • committing to tell the truth about the reality of the climate breakdown, and
  • making a meaningful commitment to address this breakdown, by
  • taking action to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Commitment

Develop a climate emergency plan and:

  • share this declaration publicly and report progress annually,
  • set interim targets and realistic milestones which allow for reconfiguration,
  • encourage team members, suppliers and clients to take action.

What We Have Done

  • used public transport, active travel and remote working for meetings,
  • created an environmental plan.
  • operate from risk assessed team home offices.

Our Climate Emergency Plan

  • develop a plan:
    1. to switch:
      • to ethical banking to ensure our finances do not fund environmentally harmful industries;
      • to renewable energy suppliers;
      • home office heating energy from gas to a low carbon option;
    2. for using low carbon digital services;
  • research the feasibility of solar heating;
  • ensure any future electrical devices purchased are manufactured to the highest ethical and environmental standards,
    • or upgrade equipment wherever possible as opposed to obtaining replacements;
  • be an advocate for action on the climate emergency in both our business community and creative community;
  • update our environmental plan to reflect these actions;
  • publish an annual update on our climate action plan.

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Our Environmental Plan

We recognise that all organisations impact on the environment in a variety of different ways. As such we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance in relation to our services and products, including:

  • use energy and water efficiently, optimise our use of natural resources, use recycling facilities and not to use single use products;
  • use a renewable energy supplier when possible,
  • reduce the impact of our digital  carbon footprint by managing data efficiently,
  • minimise the volume of waste deposited in landfill by assessing whether purchasing materials is necessary,
  • dispose of any old electronic devices by either donating them or sending them to an electronic waste recycling facility;
  • only print documents when necessary and use FSC approved or recycled paper;
  • walk, cycle and use public transport to minimise any carbon footprint;
  • hold meetings remotely, whenever possible;
  • utilise equipment/furniture that would have been disposed of;
  • encourage the development of products and services that will help our customers to adopt sound environmental principles and practices;
  • ensure that our suppliers and contractors are aware of our plan and that wherever possible, they operate to similar standards, as a minimum;
  • use local suppliers and contractors and ensure they are paid fairly and their business complies with UK employment law.

We have identified the following key environmental impacts associated with our organisational activities outlined above:

  • virtual data efficiencies;
  • consumption of energy, water, paper and materials in electronics;
  • travel for meetings/conferences.

We are committed to reducing these impacts and to the continual improvement of our environmental performance.

We are committed to working with our customers, suppliers, contractors, regulatory bodies and neighbours to achieve the following objectives:

  • meet and when possible exceed all environmental legislation and other requirements applicable to our organisation and its activities;
  • reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • reduce waste, prevent pollution and noise both locally and in the wider environment;
  • systematically assess all aspects of our company.

It is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to fully support this process through active participation and co-operation.

The introduction and implementation of this process is our commitment which will be reviewed annually as part of out environment plan.

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Our Welfare Statement

We are committed to the welfare of our staff, contractors and suppliers by:

  • treating everyone with dignity and respect;
  • providing an ethical and safe working environment, and
  • recognising everybody's rights and entitlements.

We will meet this commitment by:

  • exceeding relevant legislation and applicable employer standards;
  • incorporating our principles in our business with a focus on continual improvement;
  • monitoring welfare risks;
  • providing our staff with a monthly wellbeing day to give them the opportunity to take car of their health and well being;
  • providing a mechanism for reporting welfare grievances and procedures for remediation;
  • providing due diligence processes to carry out business and supply chain assessments;
  • ensuring staff, contractors and suppliers demonstrate the leadership, commitment and accountability necessary to foster a culture of welfare responsibility;
  • consulting with all relevant stakeholders regarding welfare; and
  • reporting regularly on our business operations to promote transparency and ethical welfare practices.

Our commitment to welfare and adherence to this process:

  • is the responsibility of all staff, contractors and suppliers, and
  • will be reviewed annually.

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