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For more information about a personal subscription to the Police Visual Handbook click here.

The Police Visual Handbook

Our leading product is:

  • a fully indexed and cross referenced HTML based website and suite of Apps to which any police force may subscribe.  It provides a ‘one shop’ solution for:
    • uniformed constables and sergeants,
    • custody officers,
    • duty inspectors,
    • superintendents,
    • anyone engaged in investigating crime, including all members of the CID,
    • roads policing officers, and
  • invaluable in providing clear and concise advice and guidance when confronted with the ‘what do I do now’ situation.

The Police Visual Handbook:

  • includes the following features:
    • over 80 subject matter Toolkits,
    • all major legislation, all unravelled into plain English,
    • the provisions of Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and its Codes of Practice,
    • the CPS charging standards,
    • guidance derived from the Home Office, the NPCC, the College of Policing, the CPS and case law,
    • procedural information,
    • counter-civil litigation guidance,
    • recognised good practice,
    • FAQs section,
    • glossary section,
    • a comprehensive guide to police powers and procedures, and
    • over 500 offences in an easy to understand points to prove format, including for each offence:
      1. the applicable police and court powers,
      2. the Sentencing Council's Aggravating and Mitigating Factors,
      3. the adult and youth gravity factors,
      4. whether a conditional caution can be issued,
      5. who the changing decision must be made by,
      6. the CCCJS Codes,
      7. the sentence, including any endorsements and whether a road traffic or crime and disorder penalty notice applies,
  • all combined and re-written in an 'easy to understand step by step’ format which loses none of the legal interpretation, and
  • fully integrated for easy reference.

It also:

  • covers the Sergeants and Inspectors Promotion Examinations, ICIDP and has a separate PIP (Professionalising Investigation Program) menu, based on the National Occupational Standards.  It has a comprehensive menu for Student Officers.

  • contains probably the most comprehensive guides to custody and investigation in the country.  Our custody guide is fully SDHP compliant.

  • includes comprehensive guides to:
    • diversity, lifestyle and workplace issues, e.g. first aid, mental health, stress, health and safety,
    • dealing with a range of operational incidents,
    • carrying out investigations,
    • preparing and submitting prosecution files,
    • disclosure,
    • attending various operational incidents, etc.

30 Police Forces across England and Wales use the Police Visual Handbook across their Force IT infrastructure, with a number also using it on their Android smartphones.  Many officers and staff also make use of our Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps.

Please contact us if you would like to conduct a free evaluation.

If your Force doesn't currently have a corporate subscription, please contact us for details and prices.

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Key Benefits and Features

Subscribing Forces may extract information from the Handbook for inclusion in 'in-house' training material, force orders and other guidance at no extra cost, provided a suitable written acknowledgement is given.

Forces may request the inclusion of additional material at no cost charge, provided it can be shown to be of general benefit to a large section of our subscribing Forces.

We will also add specific information for a Force at an additional cost.

Our Apps

A Force subscription includes the ability to install at no additional charge our Enterprise Android and Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop Apps on any Android phones and tablets, and across all Windows 10 based devices.

It also allows officers and staff to install and use our Android, iOS and Windows 10 Apps on their personal devices.

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More Information?

Download a copy of our comprehensive guide to the features and benefits of the Police Visual Handbook.

Please contact us for more information on the Police Visual Handbook so that we can tell you exactly what it can do for you!

Why not undertake a free trial in your Force.

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